Gold-i IB Profit Share

  • Set Up Automatic Profit Sharing With IBs Or Agents
  • Real-Time Profit Ssharing
  • Ideal For Use With Agents/IBs
  • Can Be Created With Any Number Of Client Groups Or Individual Clients
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Automatic Profit Share With IBs/Agents

MetaTrader has advanced commission functionality but does not have the ability to set up automatic profit sharing with introducing brokers (IBs) or agents. The Gold-i Profit Share MT4 plug-in allows real-time profit sharing to be configured for any number of client groups or individual clients and any number of agents/IBs.

Gold-i ProfitShare monitors trading activity in real-time and whenever a client opens or closes a trade the appropriate trade or profit or loss is added to the configured agents’ accounts. The utility handles manual closes, stop loss, take profit and stop out closes, all in real-time. It even converts the profit currency from that of the trading client to that of the agent/IB.

Completely Automatic

Once the configuration has been completed the system is completely automatic and requires no human intervention. Changes can be made whilst MetaTrader is running and there is no need to re-start once the plug- in has been added. It’s a very simple and effective tool.


Gold-i has a strong reputation in the industry and has provided a tremendous service to FXBTG. Gold-i products offer stability and reliability for our environment. Most importantly, Gold-i provides technical support in Chinese, which is vital to our company. Their response to enquiries and issues is second to none. We are very satisfied with everything they have provided.

Joly Pan,
IT Manager, Institutional Service, FXBTG Broker, Asia Office

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