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Gold-i’s award-winning software and services for brokers using MetaTrader
have helped some of the world’s fastest growing and most prestigious brokers to become more profitable and operate more effectively.

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Make More Money

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How can Gold-i help your brokerage to grow?

We understand how Forex Brokers and Liquidity Providers operate. We understand the complexities of liquidity provision and distribution, the different risk management requirements for varying business models and the importance of reliable M4/MT5 integration with CRM, reporting software, business intelligence tools and accounting systems. We also know the intricacies of MetaTrader – the world’s most popular retail forex trading platform - and how to help clients to set up and manage it effectively.

Whether you are looking for an MT4 Bridge, an MT5 Gateway, a multi-asset MAM or PAMM, risk management tools or a technology partner to help you to run your MetaTrader environment 24x7, Gold-i can help. We have a broad portfolio of market-leading MT4 and MT5 plug-ins to enable brokers worldwide to make more money, cut costs, reduce risk and differentiate from competitors.

Our continual focus on product innovation combined with our in-depth knowledge of the retail FX market enables brokers worldwide to have the most advanced and reliable MetaTrader software to help their brokerages to grow. 

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Trusted by businesses worldwide

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionising the financial markets and whether you believe they are the future or not - AvaTrade stands in the frontline of brokers when it comes to facilitating trading in them. Thanks to our partnership with Gold-i, we can access a number of Crypto Exchanges and offer clients the ability to trade a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash - with several new additions to follow such as Monero & NEO.

Dáire Ferguson,
CEO, AvaTrade

We use Gold-i’s Managed Services in conjunction with our own proprietary technology as a cost-effective way of having a very efficient and reliable MT4 offering for our clients.

Stuart Bowell,
Head of Product Management, ETX Capital

Gold-i’s Matrix liquidity management platform is easy to use. It’s an impressive product – we’ve only just scratched the surface and are benefiting from using the basic features. Matrix gives us the capability to do so much more if we choose to do so – for example, we are able to use it to offer our own liquidity out to our partners, an area that we will focus on in the future which is made possible by Matrix.

Adam Michael, Chief Risk Officer,

Gold-i’s risk management products match our exact requirements and give us the oversight and extra control to help us to implement our risk management strategy.

Steven Martin,
Head of Trading, FINSA

Gold-i has a strong reputation in the industry and has provided a tremendous service to FXBTG. Gold-i products offer stability and reliability for our environment. Most importantly, Gold-i provides technical support in Chinese, which is vital to our company. Their response to enquiries and issues is second to none. We are very satisfied with everything they have provided.

Joly Pan,
IT Manager, Institutional Service, FXBTG Broker, Asia Office

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