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Gold-i MT4 Bridge is the award-winning ultra-low latency smart routing product that gives you full control to set-up direct connection from your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 server to Liquidity Providers.

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MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway

Benefit from:

  • Automatically covering all Retail Broker’s risks with Liquidity Providers in real-time
  • Easily managing A-Book flow into MT4 or MT5 with ‘Cover Trades’
  • Creating a variety of spread profiles with custom mark-up functionality

We have used Gold-i’s MT4 Bridge for over five years. The reliability of the technology is paramount, as is the speed that the Gold-i team responds to any issues which occur. Gold-i ticks the boxes in both these areas which is why we have been happy to have such a long-standing partnership with them.

George Mantilas, Head of Dealing Operations, LCG

The Gold-i Bridge’s super low latency gives a competitive edge to FX traders. It is a real innovation in FX trading technology.

Christian Frahm, Chairman, CFH Group
MT5 Gateway

Get the Best Price with No Slippage


  • Built-in throttling – ideal for use with aggregated price feeds
  • Partial fills and multiple fills
  • Depth of Market
  • Multiple Spreading options

Installed directly to your MT4 or MT5 server

Get the Best Price with No Slippage

It takes only a few milliseconds to process a client order so that you can process more trades in one second than MetaTrader can. As a result, you can maintain your capacity for peak live trades per second.

World-Class 24/7 Service
English & Chinese
Fully Integrated with
MT4 & MT5
Over 70 Liquidity

Completely Free Application

Negative Balance Protection

Continually scan all client balances in MetaTrader, get alerts and automatically zero balances if they become negative

Only available to Brokers

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