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MatrixNET - Enhanced Liquidity Management Platform

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MatrixNET is our modular scalable liquidity management system designed to be super-fast and extremely flexible. We have spent over 10 years developing and evolving our technology to bring you a platform to enhance your trading. It offers multiple routing and aggregation methods to allow brokers to offer the most effective execution model to different client types.

Whether connecting to one or many LP's, Gold-i's MatrixNET technology allows you to manage and aggregate your liquidity feeds to popular trading platforms


MN advanced
Advanced liquidity aggregation
MN b book
Enhanced B-Book functionality
MN spreads
Configurable spread profiles
MN connections
Manage multiple maker or taker connections
MN disaster
Full disaster recovery with automated FIX failover
MN hosting
Options to host with us or on your own infrastructure

Key Benefits

MatrixNET can be configured in multiple ways


Optimise for FX trading

MN crypto

Crypto & Digital Assets trading

Access to Crypto

Crypto Switch is the proven digital asset institutional solution for consuming and distributing Crypto liquidity using our MatrixNET platform. Features of MatrixNET have been specifically built to support the nuances of crypto liquidity and trading.


The platform is integrated with multiple Crypto Market Makers and Exchanges, enabling tight spreads, deep liquidity and low latency, giving consistently better prices than previously possible.

This robust technology is fully integrated with leading crypto prime brokers, providing fiat and digital asset settlement, regulatory compliance, and institutional custody.

Integrated with Prime Brokers

Centralised FIAT & Crypto settlement simplifies trading and reduces risk.


MetaTrader Connectivity

Gold-i's Bridge is an easy way to connect MT4 or MT5 to liquidity. The robust and reliable technology has been built over 12 years and started as one of the first MetaTrader Bridge providers. Aimed at start-up brokers who require a basic liquidity connection, Gold'i-s Bridge is the perfect starting point for your brokerage.


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